Blah Blah Blah formed in Sydney Australia in late 1984 and played regularly around the pumping Sydney and Wollongong Pub Circuit, until they disbanded in 1991. During this period they released a number of self funded recordings, the debut single, Changing Times, released on vinyl in 1985. Subsequent releases include the cult classics “The Bob Hawke Walk” and “Nuclear Warships “, which received airplay on the local radio station 2JJ Double J.[now 2JJJ].

The music is  fairly powerful, often political, yet strangely quirky, indie rock. The majority of the lyrics were penned by Brett Power, guitar & vocal, and in many ways were conceptually well ahead of their time. In 1987 the ABC music program “Beatbox” made The Blahs “Band of the Week”. This gave rise to the recording of “Suburban Suburb Syndrome” and the creation of a film-clip. The ABC production crew of “Beatbox” went on to produce Andrew Denton’s first show. Their decision to call this new show “Blah Blah Blah”, and the coincidence of Iggy Pop’s album of the day being called Blah Blah Blah had a significant impact on the growth of the band brand.

The songs for the album “Remember” were recorded in through the year of 1989, alas the process of recording and life in the Eighties saw the band implode shortly after the completion of the project and as such these recordings have never been released. Until now. Many of the songs on “Remember” remain relevant, and in a few cases became more meaningful as world events caught up with Power’s insight.

The songs were co-produced for Underfoot Records by the band and Brett Coupland of the Bandit Audio , who also engineered. The recordings were made in the legendary Mr “Bad Habits” Billy Fields’ “Paradise Studio”, with overdubs being done in Col Joy’s “Glebe Studios”. The mix was created at Ian Mason’s “Music Farm” in Byron Bay.

The band lineup for these sessions was:

Brett Power: Vocals, Guitar
Mina Motu: Drums, Vocals, Guitar
Hardwick: Bass, Vocals
Sam Shine: Lead Guitar
De Davis: Backing Vocals
Lisa Morgan: Backing Vocals

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