underfoot artists

Annie Higgins

Annie Higgins is a new Australian songwriter who sold her first album to catholic schools in over 500 communities around Australia and New Zealand, then with motherhood, a career change and a spiritual epiphany she chose to move into the mainstream music world.

Annie Higgins is a musician, songwriter, vocal coach and mum of four. Who, after numerous moves across the country and around the globe with her family and defence force husband,...... Read More >


Aspyre’s music plays on the edges of digital and analogue sound, defined by electronic instrumentals with dark atmospheric tones. Heavily influenced by the likes of Plini, Animals as Leaders, Karnivool, and Tesseract, they bring the traditional structures and rhythms of progressive metal into the growing world of Synthwave. Dark riffs, melodic synth lines, and soaring guitar solos, all come together to create a vibrantly visual sound...... Read More >

Blah Blah Blah

Blah Blah Blah formed in Sydney Australia in late 1984 and played regularly around the pumping Sydney and Wollongong Pub Circuit, until they disbanded in 1991. During this period they released a number of self funded recordings, the debut single, Changing Times, released on vinyl in 1985. Subsequent releases include the cult classics “The Bob Hawke Walk” and “Nuclear Warships “, which received airplay on the local radio...... Read More >

Dave Blennerhassett

Born & raised among long white clouds in the windy city of Wellington NZ, Singer/Songwriter Dave Blennerhassett now calls Sydney’s Northern Beaches home. His earliest musical memories intermingle his parents singing Gilbert & Sullivan with friends, his brother discovering guitar, and his eldest sister...... Read More >

Frankie Bouchier

Sydney based Australian indie singer songwriter, Frankie Bouchier weaves evocative stories with sound. A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Frankie is equally at home balancing a trumpet on his lips or his fingers on the keys. Frankie’s unique brand of indie synth pop, soars with a drama that is counterbalanced by hook rich harmonies and grounded rhythms. His soundscape reflects a soup of musical influences ranging from the guttural...... Read More >

Gene Maynard Band

“Some people have lives; some people have music.”*

Then there are musicians like Gene who squeeze into category three, people with musical lives!  Playing along to music on pots and pans with wooden spoons is where many of us cease our musical journeys, but as a wee lad this was Gene’s beginning, and by age 10 he had evolved along the beat track to real drums, and over the years extended his musical smarts beyond the kit, to include...... Read More >

GMB duo at Django Bar  Marrickville 06/01/18

GMB at The Django Bar Marrickville 25/6/17

Mic Hardwick

Mic Hardwick grew up in the sleepy burbs’ of Roseville, a loving son and a “good” boy, who taught Sunday school in a beige 3 piece suit, and stuck to the agreed upon family script. Then he converted, and like Jimmy Hendrix, made music his religion: picking up his first guitar and his first girlfriend at the same time. The combination of curves, acoustics, and materials that hummed when stroked, proved addictive. Now with body and soul awake,...... Read More >


PT Beckett: St Novä Scene

Beck, PT Beckett, Phil Beckett, Phil T Beckett, he’s known by many names and played in many bands.

Philip Beckett “Beck”, arrived fresh from New Zealand in 1978. He started his public musical career as a member of Australian Indie darlings Popular MechanicsRead More >



Seeder are an Australian groove rock trio from Sydney, NSW. Composed of Mic.Hardwick (vocals/guitar), Dave Blennerhassett (bass/vocals) and Gene Maynard (drums/vocals).

The year 1998 saw a debut EP release, supported by two video clips for Fifty Bullets and If You Want and the recording of the debut album Funny Looking Babies.  However a week before the release, the Underfoot...... Read More >