Annie Higgins is a new Australian songwriter who sold her first album to catholic schools in over 500 communities around Australia and New Zealand, then with motherhood, a career change and a spiritual epiphany she chose to move into the mainstream music world.

Annie Higgins is a musician, songwriter, vocal coach and mum of four. Who, after numerous moves across the country and around the globe with her family and defence force husband, now calls Adelaide home. Her ability to balance her love of family and her creative output is remarkable. Annie has faced many personal challenges and her music reflects her connection to women making brave choices, juggling work, kids, lives and identities and rising to new heights each day in their personal journeys. Whilst her lyrics reveal her fun-loving, sassy nature combined with a taste for cutting edge feminine spirituality.

Annie Higgins wrote the songs for her album Pot of Gold over a number of years and then teamed up with  Luke Gerber from Sydney band Mel Blue during the recording and production phase in the Underfoot Studios. Together with producer/engineer Mic Hardwick  they crafted an honest acoustic groove vibe that is quintessentially Australian and peppered throughout with funk, soul and jazz influences. Higgins and Gerber assembled a selection of talented musicians including Jeff De Araujo (Sarah Blasko’s band) on drums and percussion, Sean Venezuala (Little Archer Beats) on keys, Nathan and Jacob Parks (Hot Potato Band) on Trombone, Saxophone and flute, Jesse Tachibana (Thunderfox) on Trumpet. These musical collaborations have woven magical threads that catch the soul with delicate hooks and emotive cross rhythms that combine to create Annie’s unique sound.

During the Covid Lock down in 2021, she finalised her first album and worked around lockdowns with her home grown family video team to shoot the music clips for the album on the only camera available -an iphone 6 in Newcastle in NSW, all the while organising the family relocation to the UK. Tenacious and capable the videos are a testimony to her passion and self belief.

Pot of Gold, will be released on October 27th, on CD and all streaming platforms 2023,bringing a 12 track fusion of funk, reggae, acid jazz and soul, pop folk to lift your mood and bring a cool vibe to gatherings.


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When we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else’s life forever…*

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