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Blah Blah Blah help you recall 1989 with a re-release of “Remember”

The recordings for “Remember” were made in the heady months of 1989, a time when young egos were blazing, and the Mullet was yet to be given a name.  After a feature spot on Andrew Denton’s show, it seemed all was possible and the call from Countdown imminent.

Yet days before final artwork approvals Blah Blah Blah imploded, and differences were declared unreconcilable. Without Snapchat to document the emotional carnage, the ear candy of that late-night, cheap rate recording sessions, with girlfriends, mothers, and way too much of everything was shelved and thought forever lost after a fire destroyed Underfoot Studios.

Then miraculously, like a phoenix in an old brown Globite suitcase, those original master tapes were unearthed. Cleaned and baked the recordings were recovered, the collection, with all their quirky SFX song links, have finally been released and old bandmates reconnected.

We think the songs on “Remember- The Producer’s Cut” remain relevant, and in a few cases have become more meaningful as world events caught up with Brett Power’s lyric insight.

The songs were co-produced for Underfoot Records by the band and Brett Coupland of Bandit Audio, who also engineered. Recorded in the legendary Mr “Bad Habits” Billy Fields’ “Paradise Studio”, with overdubs at Col Joy’s “Glebe Studios”, and the final mix created beachside at Ian Mason’s beautiful “Music Farm” in Byron Bay.

The band line-up for these sessions was:

Brett Power: Vocals, Guitar
Mina Motu: Drums, Vocals, Guitar
Michael Hardwick: Bass, Vocals
Sam Shine: Lead Guitar
De Davis: Backing Vocals
Lisa Morgan: Backing Vocals

Brett Coupland: Sound Engineer

Remastered by Michael Hardwick for a new millennium, step back into the political soundscape of Sydney in the 80s, and enjoy the sounds here.

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