Underfoot Records is an independent Australian label centred around artists that have created music with us,  music that moves the heart, soul and soles. We believe that our artists add value with; their music, their attitude, the way they approach life, and that the songs they create have substance and should be heard.

So if you think your songs have substance, that they might fit the Underfoot vibe, then please get a sample of your tracks over to us. However before you do, please take the time to listen to our music, respond to it, interact with it, visit our facebook page, like our artists, make an effort to engage, and  please note that we are a small Australian label and we won’t make time to respond to everyone we hear from. Silence doesn’t mean your music is rubbish or that we a rude bunch of “…..’s” it simply means it may not be to our taste, and we won’t always be able to send feedback or comments on your music.

You can submit your songs via a message:
1) Keep it brief– who you are, how long you’ve been playing, and are you the songwriter, We don’t need your entire musical history (not yet), and please do not attach mp3  files to your message.
2) Instead- send us a link to your Soundcloud channel, indicating your three stand out tracks, maximum of 10 mins per track, and include a short description of each track.
3) and a link to your website, or artist page if you have one.

If you must send demos via mail (though we’d prefer you didn’t)- then send us an email to warn us that they’re coming. Please try to understand we won’t be able to take unsolicited A&R phone calls and we kindly request you don’t follow up demo submissions via telephone either.

• Email:info@underfootrecords.com.au
• Send us a Message us via Soundcloud, and click on the Send a Message icon below our logo. Underfoot Soundcloud Link

In the meantime keep your head in a good groove and music Underfoot.

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