Underfoot was a long ginger cat who adopted us, purred in rhythm and whose slinky memory lingered as the inspiration for our name. We have been doing our thing in various guises, since 1988, beginning with the iconic band Blah Blah Blah, and continuing to create the acoustic legacy that became Club Acoustica. Based in Sydney, Underfoot Records today is an independent boutique label with a focus on original songwriters and the groove rock produced in the Underfoot Studios.

We are a family company, in a community sense, with family including the creative energies of family, friends, and associates who have now become friends. Underfoot includes musicians, songwriters, multimedia artists, designers, actors, producers and photographers… individuals whose way of doing business is independent, original and yet thoroughly professional. Through Underfoot, their talents are combined on a project basis to produce and release music, videos, films, images,merchandise and events.


We believe in the independent release of music, songs and grooves.
We believe in the talents of our artists.
We believe in the innate creativity of the individual.
We believe in the vital force of the groove.
We believe it is possible to create a better world.
We believe in heaven… you’re standing in it.
We believe that with the groove underfoot, you can’t go wrong.


That through coherent marketing and blended creativity we can achieve prosperity for the individual artists,  and the company, without compromising the integrity of either.

Or in other words…
‘Fabulous success without a karmic overload’

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