Seeder was the love child of little known 90’s pop band “The Lovers”. A timely blending of musical gene pools, created a punchy 3-piece outfit of Bass, Drums and Guitar. The year 1998 delivered an EP release, supported by two video clips for “Fifty Bullets” and “If You Want”, and the recording of their debut album “Funny Looking Babies”. Their infectious Groove Rock “made your feet move and took your mind to another level”, Seeder’s music brought life to ideas, ploughing a furrow into the fertile ground of the Sydney music scene. Despite the strong start and sense of rightness within its members the band ground to a halt.

Like the biblical figure of Job, challenges came to the members of Seeder, thick and fast. Cue a fierce fire, a violent conflict, births, deaths, loves and betrayals. Shortly before the release of “Funny Looking Babies”, the Underfoot Records Studio burnt to the ground. The album masters and the newly manufactured CD’s were transformed into a macabre Goth drip sculpture. Other events followed in quick succession, staying sane, and getting through the personal challenges life was delivering, took priority. As a band they remained close, playing music for solace and individually writing songs as they hunkered in. Years passed, and like a musical Rumplestiltskin, Seeder awoke up to a world quite changed, older greyer and wiser, yet no less in love with making original music.

So, fifteen years after the initial creative impulse to release their songs, Michael Hardwick and Seeder, have returned from a very inward journey, to deliver the fruits of their isolation into the fecund soils of today’s music delta. Over that time drummer Nico Nelson morphed into a Gene Maynard and joined stalwart bass player Dave Blennerhassett to craft a smooth and very happening rhythm section. Sleep and time, the great doctors of resolution and harmony, have renewed the band’s passion to create and deliver songs. Seeder’s rich rock pop energy remains grounded in rich layers of pumping groove. It is Australian Groove Rock. With a multitude of influences coming from each band member: artists like David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Cream, The Beatles, Cake, Free, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers all serve to inform the creative space of Seeder’s musical roots.

Fashioned around the song writing of vocalist Mic. Hardwick, The new Seeder, Mic, Dave and Gene, have completed a new crop of songs that will be released over the next 12 months, ready for planting in your auditory canals.

Rock that Grooves .
With Grooves that Rock.


Seeder’s Testimony to Love

“Testimony” is a love ballad, it isn’t going to be on the album, no one wanted to shelve the recording, instead the band were in favour of letting it stand alone, a simple single to get things rolling again. Penned by Mic Hardwick, in the wayback machine. The original recording and film clip were made possible…

Listen Out – Incoming Love bombs from Underfoot Records

Underfoot Records Love Bomb incoming! Four Underfoot Artists released music into the global music ocean on Valentines Day. Spreading love to make up for all the hate in the world. Love filled bliss bombs, to lift spirits and delight body and soul. We’ve assembled a spotify  playlist  for the occasion, feel free to add  a…

Underfoot Showcase at Django Bar Jan 6 2018, Seeder GMB & Dave Blennerhassett

$10+bf pre, $15 door | 6pm doors, 9pm show   Delicious food (including pizza!) available. Fully licensed – NO BYO Limited table bookings for groups of 8 or more only are available – email us for table reservations AFTER you have prebooked. Please book carefully – as no refunds, credits or exchanges on tix! All…

Back on Track-Underfoot Launch

Hallelujah and other exclamations of relief and delight could be heard amongst the invited guests at the Underfoot Launch Party. The 2015 Moontime diary declared that May 23rd was a “great evening to perform or entertain…all creative endeavours are favoured now”! Who could argue with that? Like a Phoenix from the literal ashes, Underfoot Records is…

Seeder releases new shoots

Sometimes a seed can lie dormant for an age and then when introduced to soil, water and the nurture needed, sprout into life.… which is kind of amazing. Seeder ‘s return to the studio and the life that is being woven into a new album could be likened to this little date palm seed. The first…

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