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Aspyre Release Collision

Aspyre’s music plays on the edges of digital and analogue sound, with a unique primal groove. Heavily influenced by the likes of PliniAnimals as LeadersKarnivool and Tesseract, they bring the structures and rhythms of progressive metal into the sonic world of electronica. Atmospheric pads combine dark riffs with melodic synth lines and soaring guitar solos, creating intensely visual instrumental music  in their new single “Collison”.

Zachary Meagher and Mateus Brandão ignited the fires of Aspyre one memorable afternoon in 2011. Initially a side project, dabbled with when no-one else turned up for band practice! Fascinated by the possibility of recreating the energy of rock and metal in a computer, they consumed the sounds of the emerging mainstream dubstep scene, shamelessly attempting to recreate the sounds of Skrillex and Feed Me. The lack of appropriate software and recording equipment (not to mention the initial lack of technical know-how to use either) led the two boys to learn, experiment and begin a journey of musical discovery, which they hope you  will join them in.


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