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Enjoy the fruits of love: Seeder releases ‘Funny Looking Babies’

Seeder’s first studio album ‘Funny Looking Babies’ is reborn and available to stream this Friday.

A tasty grafting of musical roots, Seeder live is a punchy, raw 3-piece outfit of Bass, Drums and Guitar. This album features Mic.Hardwick as the lead vocal, with Nico Nelson on skins, and the fast fingered bass hands of Dave Blennerhassett. Together they craft a rhythm section that beds down Seeder’s unique vocal style. This 11 song offering explores life, asylum, ego and hope. Old school indie rock grounded in rich layers of earthy groove. Featured artists on the album include internationally renowned trumpet player Don Raider on Flugel Horn and Clayton Doley on Hammond Organ.

Like many a hardy native species, Seeder has lurked underground waiting for just the right blend of heat, compost and chaos to launch. 2020 has delivered all that in spades. So stamp your feet and kick up the dust, coz the dance of life begins and ends in the dirt.

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