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Back on Track-Underfoot Launch

Hallelujah and other exclamations of relief and delight could be heard amongst the invited guests at the Underfoot Launch Party. The 2015 Moontime diary declared that May 23rd was a “great evening to perform or entertain…all creative endeavours are favoured now”! Who could argue with that?

Like a Phoenix from the literal ashes, Underfoot Records is back in business after the fire that decimated spirits and destroyed recording masters 15 years ago. At the invitation only House Party the Underfoot Team welcomed friends and family at what turned into a fabulous extended celebration. After stunning performances from each of the Underfoot artists there was a “For the Camera” contract signing and universal Champagne consumption.  Special thanks to friendly and complimentary neighbours who chose to sit on their balconies and enjoy the songs. With the  Launch the new Underfoot Records website went live-  marked with the long awaited release of 3 singles from  Dave Blennerhassett‘s album Fifty Two Mondays.  A full photo exposé can be found in the gallery,  (Thanks Lani Tupu).  So three cheers for Underfoot and all who sail in her. (Damn Auto correct changed “sail” to “soil”- lucky the edits happened without Champagne)

Here are a few pics of the event, See the full range here

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