When we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else’s life forever…*

2020 August 6

Underfoot Records launched the first in its live studio series the “Underfoot Sessions” with Annie Higgin’s “Wise Woman” a song lionizing the everyday woman, making brave choices on a daily basis, juggling work, kids, their hearts and dreams whilst rising to the challenges of each new day. “Wise Woman” marks the first song recorded in the ‘Underfoot…


Listen Out – Incoming Love bombs from Underfoot Records

2018 February 14

Underfoot Records Love Bomb incoming! Four Underfoot Artists released music into the global music ocean on Valentines Day. Spreading love to make up for all the hate in the world. Love filled bliss bombs, to lift spirits and delight body and soul. We’ve assembled a spotify  playlist  for the occasion, feel free to add  a…


Back on Track-Underfoot Launch

2015 October 20

Hallelujah and other exclamations of relief and delight could be heard amongst the invited guests at the Underfoot Launch Party. The 2015 Moontime diary declared that May 23rd was a “great evening to perform or entertain…all creative endeavours are favoured now”! Who could argue with that? Like a Phoenix from the literal ashes, Underfoot Records is…


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