St Novä Scene, Beck journeys with “Prairie Pass”

2021 May 7

Philip Beckett “Beck” started his public musical career as a member of Australian Indie darlings Popular Mechanics in 1978, releasing an EP and single before moving on to Samarai Trash. The Trash played the Sydney Pub circuits, releasing 3 singles with Virgin Records (Come Out and Play, Tell Me and Samurai Stomp) the original band…


Frankie Bouchier’s star is rising with “The Sun”

2021 May 7

Sydney, based indie singer-songwriter, Frankie Bouchier weaves evocative stories with sound. As a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Frankie is equally at home balancing a trumpet on his lips or his fingers on the keys. Frankie’s unique brand of indie synth-pop, soars with a drama that is counterbalanced by hook rich harmonies and grounded rhythms. His soundscape…


Seeder’s Funny Looking Babies reborn

2020 November 13

Seeder’s first studio album ‘Funny Looking Babies’ is reborn and available to stream. A tasty grafting of musical roots, Seeder live is a punchy, raw 3-piece outfit of Bass, Drums and Guitar. This album features Mic.Hardwick as the lead vocal, with Nico Nelson on skins, and the fast-fingered bass hands of Dave Blennerhassett. Together they…


Blah Blah Blah help you recall 1989 with a re-release of “Remember”

2020 April 24

The recordings for “Remember” were made in the heady months of 1989, a time when young egos were blazing, and the Mullet was yet to be given a name.  After a feature spot on Andrew Denton’s show, it seemed all was possible and the call from Countdown imminent. Yet days before final artwork approvals Blah Blah Blah imploded,…


Music Producer Mic.Hardwick points satirical finger at Trump

2019 April 1

Musician and record producer Mic Hardwick has launched a stinging musical attack on US President Donald Trump and his brand of tweeting politics. His parody song, Agent Orange, released on April 1, features a music video by respected Melbourne animation artist Matt Bissett-Johnson. Agent Orange, is a not so subtle dig at the political style…


Seeder’s Testimony to Love

2018 February 14

“Testimony” is a love ballad, it isn’t going to be on the album, no one wanted to shelve the recording, instead the band were in favour of letting it stand alone, a simple single to get things rolling again. Penned by Mic Hardwick, in the wayback machine. The original recording and film clip were made possible…


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