My dub track

The song Iraq Attack was penned in 1991 as a stream of consciousness. The lyric fitted with a bass line I had been carrying for a few months, as if the two were meant for each other. However the song never saw the light of day, as thankfully the war finished before the song was complete. After several attempts at rewriting, it finally ended up in the archive as an incomplete work. Strangely, after 12 years a new Bush arose, and the war returned. The archive gave up a few pieces of the original recording and ironically the lyrics remained relevant 12 years later, names and places, unchanged, a twisted coincidence. Driven by a sense of divine order I embarked on the completion of the work. If the war ends before the song reaches the people this time, you might be excused for thinking that just the threat of a topical song is enough to scare the dark forces back to whence they came. How different a world this would be if that were the case. "and all you needed was love".

Mic. Hardwick

Postscript: now 2016 the chaos continues in Iraq, and Terror has spread across the Globe- Thank you Bush family and friends- your legacy lives on.

Songwriter: Hardwick
Gas Up Man:Rich
Man On Phone:Al
Backing Vocals:De
Radio Operator:Linn
Invasion Announcer:Bentwick
Engineered and Produced by Hardwick
Mastered by The Don